Octopus Ride is a band based in Malmö, Sweden. Originally formed as Eskimo Chain in 1999, the group developed from Syd Barrett imitators, via art rock septet, to inventors of “psychedelic post-punk” (2002) and, when incorporating members of VED (2007-2009), “mantra rock”. They have kept re-forming with different line-ups to this day.







The sound of crickets, vibrating sex toys, the voices of Donald Sutherland and Sean Penn, and a bundle of exotic instruments come together bewitchingly on Octopus Ride’s eponymous debut, released on Rev/Vega in 2013. Order here.







The belated second album was released on Sound Effect Records (Greece) in 2021. Featured musicians: Karl Alm, Christian Ekvall, Henrik Kyhlberg, Johannes Måbrink and Unni Zimmerdahl. Guests: Robert Karlsson, Björn Eriksson and Jenny Wilson. Order here.





Driften is a duo formed in 2018 by Jenny Wilson and Christian Ekvall, making erotic horror ambient using the slogan “having sex to make music to have sex to”.











Released on Gold Medal Recordings/Border Music in 2021, Driften’s debut is a meditation with erotic overtones; an album influenced by performance art, psychedelia and horror movies as well as by Steve Reich, Brian Eno and Harold Budd. Order here.